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signal cable, pre-assembled type: 6FX8002-2DC10 DRIVE-CLiQ with 24 V C

  1. SIEMENS 6FX8002-2DC10-1EA0 1072296
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signal cable, pre-assembled type: 6FX8002-2DC10 DRIVE-CLiQ with 24 V Connector RJ45 IP20 on module side and IP67 on motor side MOTION-CONNECT 800PLUS released only up to 75 m length Dmax=7.1 mm Length (m)= 0 + 40 + 0 + 0 MOTION-CONNECT 800 PLUS Cables for industrial use in cable carriers. MOTION-CONNECT cables are suitable for use with a wide range of processing and production machines. They are available as ready-to-connect power and signal cables or are sold by the meter. MOTION-CONNECT 800 PLUS fulfill the requirements for use in cable carriers subject to high mechanical stress. They are resistant to oil and tested for traversing distances of up to 50 meters. MOTION-CONNECT stands for high quality and system responsibility based on seamless quality management and system-tested original components. The prefabricated cables with IP67 connectors in a metal house and the optional SPEED-CONNECT locking system set themselves apart as a result of their high degree of ruggedness and user friendliness. Motion-Connect 800 PLUS cables can be used to address applications requiring a high dynamic performance and which must withstand harsh environmental conditions. Further, they have UL/CSA certification, are halogen-free and comply with RoHS directives. The power cables are equipped with SPEED-CONNECT connectors or full-thread connectors – and are available as basis cables and extension cables (optionally with and without additional brake conductors). Power cables are also available for motors equipped with terminal box. A wide range of signal cables are also available to address various applications (for example, DRIVE-CLIQ as well as third-party systems). MOTION-CONNECT - system responsibility for motion control applications.
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