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Data Services

​​​​​​​We are more than happy to use our extensive ERP system and our extensive experience with smart logistics solutions for your benefit. We understand that it is often difficult for you to bundle logistical information: most ERP systems are not designed for this!

You prefer to order by using your own customer item numbers. Always and not by way of exception. No problem: we are happy to arrange that for you!

With our Data Services we can offer you form-fit-function alternatives for the so-called "exotics" in your orders. Based on this critical information and our practical solutions you can reduce the risk of, for example, a production stop. We are happy to use our extensive, up-to-date article information so you can go the extra mile!

By using our "link and match" services you unlock our extensive article data with which your own basic article data can easily be enriched. All our updated article data is available to you!

Just enter your article data including lead times, then we can check the availability of your articles and we can enrich your article data specifically. For example with life cycle information, safety data sheets, RoHS compliance and country of origin. And that is very handy if you want to export your equipment!

​​​​​​​In short: your side issues are our main concern. Smart logistics services and solutions for your benefit, that is our core competence!

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