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Themes and trends

The industrial world is constantly changing. What once worked, does not always have to work. itsme closely follows new developments that can affect your business operations. Under the motto MakingYouSucceed, we want to contribute to your success. What is the road to success? Hard work and a continuous quest for knowledge! That is why sharing knowledge, facilitating that search, is an important part of our mission.

Together with our partners, we have categorised six of the hottest trends into three themes: SafetyFirst, SmartSavings and FastForward.

Safety First
The SafetyFirst webinars, campaigns and news articles are focused on making your physical and digital working environment safer and healthier. A safe and healthy working environment leads to a pleasant working environment!
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Who doesn't want to contribute to a sustainable world? However, enthusiasm evaporates the more it costs. With SmartSavings, itsme highlights innovations that are green and save money fast.
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itsme keeps you informed about time-saving solutions, developed by our own support departments and by our manufacturers and partners. Measures to keep the "time" friend. Every hour wasted is one too many.
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    21 mei 2024
    Danfoss - Advanced Active Filter
    Make the wise choice for reducing harmonic distortion. Take advantage of the possibilities of harmonic reduction, power factor correction and unbalance compensation, all with just one product. Adjust the settings to your own needs and focus on what really matters for your specific application.
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  • NEWS
    17 mei 2024
    Stago - Part of the Wibe Group
    Our goal is to reduce the number of cases of hearing loss from noise in the workplace through innovative solutions.
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  • NEWS
    17 mei 2024
    Eaton - Signal column compact
    Eaton introduces the latest innovation in visual acoustic signaling: the Signal Column Compact. This simple product offers high visibility and audibility for an array of applications. The column combines the highest available industrial functionality with quality and a sleek compact design.
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  • NEWS
    15 mei 2024
    Festo - SFAM
    Because the SFAM is a pressure and flow sensor in one, machines need only one component to measure multiple values. By measuring compressed air pressure, flow and consumption, among other things, the SFAM provides full insight into the compressed air system. This insight is the first step in a more economical, safe and sustainable system.
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