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Themes and trends

itsme has an eye for contemporary trends. Together with our partners, we have grouped the most current trends under a number of themes: Safety First, Smart Savings and Fast Forward.

Within each theme, we put the spotlight on topics that help you through webinars, news items and web pages, such as:

  • safety at work
  • time-saving methods for the manufacturing industry such as Quick Response Manufacturing
  • Product life cycle management
Safety First
The SafetyFirst webinars, campaigns and news articles are focused on making your working environment safer and healthier. A safe and healthy working environment leads to a pleasant working environment!
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Smart Savings
Everything on this page revolves around sustainable investments that quickly pay for themselves.
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Fast Forward
itsme keeps you informed about time-saving solutions, developed by our own support departments and by our manufacturers and partners. Measures to keep the "time" friend. Every hour wasted is one too many.
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    4 jul. 2022
    Emergency stop: luxury or necessity?
    The standards and guidelines for machine safety are similar to the rules of our health care system. The healthcare system has 3 types of care: preventive, regular and emergency (acute) care.
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  • NEWS
    29 jun. 2022
    A complete story: Components, services and solutions
    We have proven our expertise in this area: Since the early 1960s, we have provided sensor solutions for many applications in logistics, packaging technology, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, among others. In many cases, an important role is played by safety components such as light curtains, access guarding devices, safety laser scanners, safety switches, controllers and relays. We currently offer, for example, the most innovative laser scanners with e.g. Profisafe interface and monitoring of several safety fields at the same time, easily parameterisable and high system reliability even in dusty environments!
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  • NEWS
    27 jun. 2022
    ....a little one with big performance....
    Eaton already presented the DG1 General Purpose frequency drive that is suitable for any application up to 630 kW and enjoys new modern functionalities with pump and fan algorithms. Now Eaton is launching a Micro variant of the same model that also fits into very compact enclosures.
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  • NEWS
    9 jun. 2022
    There is something in the air
    Supply lines can easily be overlooked and thus create additional accident hazards at the workplace. Poorly laid compressed air hoses or extension cables are not only a tripping hazard, but also a nuisance during transport and are not to be underestimated as a source of danger, especially when great importance is attached to the swift running of work processes.
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