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Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi strives to meet customer needs in all aspects of production and development processes and quality.

Mitsubishi's goal is to develop products that customers can use safely and reliably and to provide only products that fully meet customer needs. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation is highly regarded internationally for its efforts to improve quality in every process, whether in product development, design or manufacturing, as well as its excellent service before, during and after delivery.

Japan is always at the forefront of technology and development with countless innovative ideas, and Mitsubishi Electric has the same philosophy. The company has proposed and developed many more innovations than any other top industrial automation company.

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment company founded in 1920. It is a core company of the Mitsubishi Group, a Japanese autonomous multinational group of companies.

The company supplies products such as PLC controls, AC drives, servo & motion, control panels, industrial robots, SCADA and software solutions to many industries worldwide.

Product groups

One ALPHA instead of many components. The ALPHA micro controller closes the gap between individual components, such as e.g. relays and time switches, and a PLC. The ALPHA offers high functionality, reliability and flexibility at a reasonable cost.
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All-in-one programmable compact PLC. This series is ideal for stand-alone use to networked system applications, designed based on outstanding performance, superior drive control, compatibility with IoT and user-centric programming.
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The new generation for automation. Developed based on common issues users face, the iQ-R series is divided into seven core areas: Productivity, Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, Connectivity, Security and Compatibility.
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HMI solutions that meet all requirements. The GOT2000 control panels offer advanced functionality, acts as a perfect gateway to other industrial automation equipment, and at the same time increases productivity and efficiency.
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Robust, precise, powerful and versatile. In a rapidly changing world, more and more is required of an AC drive. Mitsubishi Electric continuously invests in innovation and development to meet all current and future needs and requirements.
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Servo & motion
Servo Systems - Advanced and Flexible. Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide variety of servo and motion products that provide solutions for simple single-axis systems to fully synchronized motion systems with 192 axes.
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Tools & Training

Mitsubishi Electric Product Selection Tool
Your selection tool for all your automation needs. The FA Integrated Selection Tool combines all the selection tools of all our products in one convenient environment. So you can easily create a setup of the complete desired configuration including all FA products.
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Mitsubishi Electric e-manual viewer
Always the latest version of the manuals. With the Mitsubishi Electric patented e-manual viewer, you are always assured of the latest version of the technical manuals. Excellent search functions and of course the link to the programming software.
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Mitsubishi Electric FA e-learning
Factory Automation e-learning. The new e-learning courses for PC or tablets are there for beginners and advanced users. We introduce product features, selection methods, installation methods, operation methods, wiring methods and more.
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    10 okt. 2023
    Mitsubishi - iQ-F PLC communication
    OPC UA was until recently only available on large and heavy-duty controllers and PC-based controllers. Mitsubishi Electric now also has an OPC UA module available for the MELSEC iQ-F series compact PLCs, the FX5-OPC. This provides the ability to communicate safely and reliably to high-level IT systems even for smaller applications. Also, an iQ-F Series with the OPC UA module can be used as a gateway between existing automation with controls from different manufacturers and ERP. The iQ-F Series OPC UA server module (FX5-OPC) integrates the OPC UA server directly into the equipment's control system as a robust alternative to computer-based configuration.
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  • NEWS
    6 okt. 2023
    Mitsubishi - FX5S series
    The FX5S PLC brings the outstanding performance, superior drive control, and user-centric programming of the MELSEC iQ-F series compact controllers to budget-conscious customers. Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. expands its line of MELSEC iQ-F series compact controllers to now offer a basic model providing OEMs with an all-in-one controller for small machines up to 60 I/O with integrated Ethernet connectivity. The FX5S PLC is a solution for simple automation applications at a more affordable price than the original FX5U high-performance model and FX5UJ mid-range model.
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  • NEWS
    17 apr. 2023
    Mitsubishi - Mailab
    The innovative data science tool, MELSOFT MaiLab (Mitsubishi Electric AI Laboratory) helps companies realize productivity improvements on production lines.
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  • NEWS
    25 jan. 2023
    Manage all processes from the comfort of your armchair
    No one can be everywhere at the same time. However, it would be convenient to be able to view and control all processes or even troubleshoot failures from any location. Mitsubishi Electric fulfils this demand perfectly with GOT Mobile.
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