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Your central hub for all industrial configurators of Schneider Electric

Choose from our rich selection of Schneider Electric product configurators! Pushbuttons, relays, soft starters, AC drives, power distribution, HMIs, PLCs, power supplies, modular safety controllers, enclosures and motor starters are available for configuration and easy ordering!.

Error-free configuration and ordering has never been easier!


​​​​​​​Broad assortment

​​​​Of course, we support your configuration with a broad product assortment. A selection of these products you see below. A total overview of all Schneider Electric products form the series Altivar, Altistart, TeSys, TeSys island en EcoStruxure you will find here. To directly go to an overview of one of the series, please click on one of the links below.

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Schneider TeSys
Digital multifunctional load management solution up to 80A. TeSys island is designed to switch, protect and manage motors and other electrical loads up to 80Amps: AC3, in an electrical control panel.
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Schneider Electric ATV320 IP6X
Continuity of your machine is the result of the robust design. The PCBs are class 3C3 coated according to IEC 61721-3-3, to protect against corrosion in harsh environmental conditions. The frequency converter is suitable for continuous operation at an ambient temperature of up to 60 ° C.
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Schneider Electric PacDrive3
PacDrive 3 is based upon proven logic motion technology, which unifies PLC, motion, and robotics control functionality on a single hardware platform. With its centralised system architecture, PacDrive is the ideal solution for controlling a broad range of servo-driven production and packaging machines, as well as material handling equipment and robotics, using fully integrated, IEC 61131-3-compliant program structures. More than 80.000 machines worldwide are controlled by PacDrive to this day.
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Schneider Electric XIOT
The Internet of Things is the extension of the Internet to connected devices. Telemecanique Sensors offers a wireless solution to collect data from remote equipment and use this data, via the Internet, on a PC or mobile device. The XIOT Cloud connected switch from Telemecanique Sensors is based on LPWAN \(low power wide area network\) technology, operated by Sigfox. The Sigfox network covers 32 countries and is already very extensive in Europe. It is also being rapidly deployed in the US and Asia-Pacific. It uses antennas with a range of around 50 km. The map on the Sigfox website shows exactly which areas are covered by the Network.
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