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Fast Forward


Welcome to our theme page Fast Forward

When building or assembling machines, the quality of the end product is of course important. That ensures satisfied customers. The roadmap of; You want to organize design, engineering, work preparation, construction and the eventual delivery of the built machine to your customer as efficiently as possible.

By now you have experienced, when time is your friend, you deliver your machine to your customer with a smile. And ideally you will have earned money after delivery, so that your costs are covered and you have the opportunity to invest. But suppose time becomes your enemy...

  • What possibilities are there to shorten the time-to-market by working more efficiently?
  • Which smart techniques have been developed but are not yet applied?
  • What time-saving processes can be implemented?
  • In short, the question is have you set up your company “Fast Forward”?

itsme keeps you informed about time-saving solutions, developed by our own support departments and by our manufacturers and partners. Measures to keep the "time" friend. Every hour wasted is one too many.

Keep an eye on our platform where we mention time-saving smarts by means of news items and innovations. Webinars on the theme “Fast Forward” will also be announced. The first webinar, in collaboration with LeanTeam, will take place on June 24, 2021! Keep an eye on the page for further information!

In addition to information and advice, itsme also offers the products of the leading brands in order to contribute to increasing the results of our customers.

In addition to information and advice, we also offer all the necessary products from the leading brands to ensure a safe working environment!

Available in Dutch
The webinar only available in Dutch
Weidmuller - Easy. Flexible. Efficient
The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) addresses exactly these issues. Software-controlled, semi-automated cable assembly considerably accelerates production processes and at the same time ensures the highest quality standards. Increase the efficiency of your production process by up to 80%.
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Well prepared?
You may think: "if my frequency drive fails, I'll order a new one right away". But is a one-to-one replacement still available? At what point do you want to have this information? When production stops, or perhaps a little earlier? You may not realise it, but a Danfoss AC drive often lasts more than 10 years.
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LeanTeam brought Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) to the Netherlands and Europe in 2006. This makes LeanTeam, by far, the party with the most experience in implementing this strategy in companies. This makes LeanTeam and itsme ideal partners for the Fast Forward theme to help you on your way.

To implement QRM, LeanTeam offers:

  • training
  • Consultancy
  • Interim management
  • Coaching

LeanTeam has experience in many different industries. This ensures a targeted approach and fast results. Together with itsme, LeanTeam provides tailor-made services. LeanTeam likes to work in manufacturing companies, and their passion is eliminating wait times and shortening lead times.

Recording webinar Quick Response Manufacturing - Available in Dutch
Watch our webinar recorded on April 8th now! Did you miss the webinar or do you want to rewatch it? The recording of the webinar is now available! Get up-to-date on the latest developments regarding safety in the workplace! We organize this webinar with our knowledge partner Kader, also on behalf of our Safety First partners EMMA, 3M and Metabo.
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    12 mei 2022
    Yes we can….with Phoenix
    Machine and plant manufacturers that export their products to North America or wish to put them into circulation within their area of applicability are subject to the laws and regulations applicable there. One of the most important industry-specific standards in addition to the NEC is NFPA 79. NFPA 79 is revised every three years in line with the NEC and adopts its innovations.
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  • NEWS
    6 mei 2022
    Did I miss out on that advantage?
    Familiar components in a new machine? Often it can be smarter! Festo's portfolio develops annually with around 700 new products. This innovative strength lends itself extremely well to a lower cost price. With the itsme factory scan we would like to help you find smart applications that fit in with the current focal points in machine building.
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  • NEWS
    6 mei 2022
    Do what you preach
    There is a special story behind EMMA safety shoes. A story that once began with the safe and social work facility for miners of the State Mines in South Limburg. Now, no less than 90 years later, safety and social enterprise are still of paramount importance to EMMA. Safety for feet, safe working conditions for employees and safety for the environment.
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  • NEWS
    6 mei 2022
    And if that component is no longer available.....?
    itsme and JC-Electronics work closely together in the sale of new and refurbished industrial electronics. What does this mean for you? Especially if the component cannot be delivered new (any more), there is often a possibility to purchase a refurbished item. Especially with "difficult" electronics this can offer a solution in a tricky situation.
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