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About Phoenix Contact 

For Phoenix, the energy transition is just the beginning. They dream of a world where everyone has access to renewable energy: The All Electric Society. And together with you,  they can realize that ambition. 

Phoenix Contact 

Phoenix is a global leader in connectivity and pioneers in electrification and automation since 1923. they feel it's an obligation to their history, their people and their customers to make a difference and lead by example. 

Driven by idealism 

Pheoenix sees the wind and the sun as inexhaustible sources of energy and the pillars of a clean, electric future. Of course, there are challenges. In distribution and storage of energy, for example. Because the sun goes down and the wind goes down. But above all, they see a future built on clean energy. And they are committed to that every day. With a healthy mix of idealism and pragmatism. 

Sharing brings the goal closer 

Phoenix wants to contribute to a fair, 100% electric world. What they know and learn, they share with the world. Among other things, through the Phoenix Contact Academy: a learning environment that bundles electrical engineering, industrial automation engineering and connectivity. Because they want everyone to benefit from our progress and continue to do so.  

And no matter how big Phenix is: the impact of a single organization remains limited. That's why they love working with companies and organizations that share our vision of sustainability. Because it brings their dream of the All Electric Society closer faster. And they are in a hurry.  

Putting our money where our mouth is 

No one knows exactly what the road to that electric future looks like. But waiting for others never brought the world any further. So Phoenix is taking steps by theirselves. By developing more and more products and services that contribute directly and indirectly to a cleaner world.  

This is Phoenix Contact. Join them on the road to a sustainable society.

Phoenix's products

Phoenix Contact solutions are used wherever processes need to be automated. This may be in industrial production plants, in the field of renewable energy, infrastructure or in complex device connections. Their products are used wherever power or data flows are connected, distributed and controlled. The benefit goes beyond their proper function: their products help our partners develop sustainable applications with more efficient processes at reduced costs.

Download the brochure about The All Electric Society


See more facts and interesting insights about the All Electric Society in the YouTube videos of Phoenix Contact. To the All Electric Society playlist


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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    6 mei 2024
    Phoenix Contact - CONTACTRON-speedstarter
    Frequency inverters are often used in applications where, for example, variable speed is used or where the starting and stopping of the motor must be controlled. In use, the CONTACTRON speed starter combines the advantages of a compact motor starter with the essential features of a frequency converter for numerous applications:
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  • NEWS
    21 mrt. 2024
    Phoenix Contact - Time-saving assembly with HEAVYCON Click-in
    With HEAVYCON Click-in, contact blocks mount easily, reliably and without tools in EVO and STANDARD connector housings. The audible and tangible "click" confirms the quick installation.
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  • NEWS
    13 dec. 2023
    Phoenix Contact - IEC 62443: Cyber Security for Automation Systems
    The industrial automation landscape is changing and is increasingly driven by data and connectivity. With this, Cyber Security is also becoming increasingly important, both because we want it ourselves and because the government is calling us to do so. Indeed, the upcoming European directive on network and information security also imposes obligations on normal commercial and industrial companies.
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  • NEWS
    11 sep. 2023
    Phoenix Contact - mGuard Security routers
    Phoenix Contact's new Gigabit Security routers combine proven mGuard security technology with new high-performance hardware. Our Security-Routers are deployed to protect industrial networks from unauthorized access or malware intrusion. The new Security-Routers have an increased data throughput of nearly 1000 Mbit/s creating a high level of security without speed limitations.
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