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ABB's Electrification Business Area is a global leader in the development of electrotechnical products and solutions, with over 200 production sites in some 100 countries. Our more than 50,000 employees are committed to changing the way people live, work and interact with each other every day through safe, smart and sustainable energy solutions. We shape future trends and distinguish ourselves with technological and digital innovation. In addition, we offer our customers an outstanding experience through operational excellence in the utility, industrial, building services, infrastructure and mobility sectors. 

Smart Industries

That is taking advantage of the opportunities of digitisation and the connected world. With production technology that is smart, energy-efficient, safe and sustainable, Dutch industry can continue to distinguish itself.

ABB understands the pressing challenges within the industry, such as changes in the energy landscape, margin pressure and need for continuity. These demands call for a synergy of digital and technology innovations to shape the energy transition and make production sites smarter and more sustainable. 

Today's solutions with tomorrow's technology, so that customers can continue to deliver added value. Working on a sustainable, safe and smart future?  Let's write the future! Together.

Product groups

ABB Ty-Rap®
Whether you need cable ties that can withstand extreme temperatures, flames, continuous sunlight, UV radiation, aggressive chemicals or cable ties with a high tension force: ABB Ty-Rap® has the right solution.
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DIN-rail componenten
In all sectors of industry, the DIN rail is a proven solution for quickly, safely and reliably mounting electrotechnical components and putting together customised solutions for, among other things, security and monitoring.
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Load breakers in cabinet
This switch-disconnector used as the main switch is used in a variety of applications. With enclosures made of UV-resistant material, IP65 for indoor and outdoor use. A wide range of accessories for quick installation time and safe maintenance.
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Machine safety
Safe, intelligent and sustainable solutions for machine safety. That's what you can expect from ABB. Solutions that take into account the specific requirements of industries or applications, such as hygiene and explosion hazard.
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Motor protection and control
Secure and control your motors for optimal availability. Tailormade solutions for all applications. Save space and installation time and make a future-proof choice. Also available with push-in spring technology.
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Power supplies
The CP series offers the latest technology for standard to high-performance solutions. The power supplies are suitable for power distribution and control cabinets and suitable for use in harsh environments.
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Energy monitoring

Getting started with ABB energy monitoring products

Linecard - food safety

Getting started with ABB products for the food industry

Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    16 aug. 2023
    ABB - Just push it
    Reliable, fast and tool-free installation of solid cables or cables with ferrules? Push-in spring installation technology makes it possible. ABB has a very complete range of push-in spring solutions. This offers you as a machine or panel builder new possibilities in the construction of control cabinets. Just push it! For both OEMs and machine and panel builders, working efficiently is a must. This makes it possible to maintain high quality standards and maximize profits. ABB's push-in spring solutions set a new standard in the industry. The new features offered by push-in spring technology, such as twice as fast installation, help you build control cabinets even faster and thereby achieve new levels of efficiency.
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  • NEWS
    2 aug. 2023
    ABB - Eden safety sensors for demanding environments
    ABB expanded the Eden safety sensor series with Eden C. This safety sensor offers a solution in environments where rapid temperature changes and high humidity play a major role, such as the food and beverage industry. Eden C is a non-contact safety sensor used as a locking device for doors and safe position monitoring, for example. The safety sensor consists of two complementary parts that -without mechanical contact- detect each other's presence. This makes mounting much more flexible than with traditional mechanical switches. Eden C communicates continuously between the two parts; any error leads immediately to a stop signal.
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  • NEWS
    2 jun. 2023
    ABB - SlimLine fuse switch disconnector
    The SlimLine XR compact fuse load breaker with integrated ITS2 monitoring unit saves up to 80% installation time. In addition, the compact design helps save as much as 40% space.
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  • NEWS
    19 apr. 2023
    ABB - electric arc detection
    ABB's arc protection devices provide maximum protection for people, valuables and buildings.
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Check out our other success stories:

    6 okt. 2023
    wheyco takes an important step towards condition-based maintenanc
    In the food industry, productivity, reliability and availability are always high on the agenda. That includes wheyco, which processes whey into protein and permeate powder. The numerous motors for pumps, fans and agitators, among others, are equipped with soft starters to minimise mechanical stress on equipment. A new generation of softstarters was recently introduced with ABB’s PSTX and PSE series. itsme served as the vital link between ABB and wheyco.
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    4 mei 2021
    When time pressure rules your schedule
    Design and delivery of industrial turnkey projects, automation of operating systems; Mario Claes, owner of Etec Systems in Balen \(Belgium\), has been drawing on a continuously growing source of experience since fourteen years now. Each situation reveals unique challenges. Each solution contributes to an ever expanding range of knowledge
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    19 mrt. 2021
    Fabric to ensure perfect quality
    Spandauer Velours’ production focuses on high-quality velour and plush fabrics for the paint roller and cleaning industries as well as modern velours fabrics for the commercial sector. A retrofit is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality. Machinery Drives ACS880-M04 by ABB control the application.
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    4 mrt. 2021
    Sustainable from top to bottom
    On the outskirts of Hengelo-Zuid tons of waste are given a new purpose each year. Through incineration, separation and composting, energy and raw materials are extracted and find their way back to society. With the heat that is released during incineration, Twence generates enough power to provide half of all households in the Twente \(region in the Eastern Netherlands\) with electricity. In order to guarantee the continuity of all the plants, operators carry out regular inspection rounds in the installations, so good visibility is important. In switching from fluorescent lighting to LED, Twence enlisted the help of itsme.
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