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Siemens has been active in the Netherlands since 1879. The Siemens Group is one of the largest (electro)technical companies in the Netherlands. Siemens focuses on automation and digitalisation in the process and manufacturing industries and on intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems. 

Merging the real and digital worlds makes it possible to seamlessly integrate and optimise the entire value chain, from design to realisation, with a continuous flow of data. A true Digital Enterprise is able to harness the unlimited power of data by gaining valuable insights to make decisions quickly and confidently - and to create best-in-class products through efficient manufacturing.

Together with itsme, we are working on Smart Savings. Would you like to know how long your inverters and Siemens components will last and how you can plan for their replacement without downtime? Itsme Industrial Automation helps you. 

Product Groups

SIRIUS Control - 3RV29 Power supply system
Save time, money and space with the efficient and flexible energy distribution system 3RV29 from Siemens. Specially designed to supply motor starters and softstarters, it is quick and easy to assemble.
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SENTRON COM – 5SV6 / 5SL6 / 5ST3 / 3NA
To manage our rapidly changing energy network, intelligence and technology are a must. That is why Siemens is expanding its energy portfolio with communicating circuit breakers.
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PAC meters - 7KM / 7KT
The PAC meters with comprehensive communication capabilities form the basis for energy management in low-voltage distribution.
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SIRIUS Hybrid - 3RM1 Motorstarter
Does every millimeter count in your control cabinet? You can save up to 75% space in your control cabinet using the SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter. With a width of only 22.5 mm, it starts and protects motors up to an output of 3 kW. A direct and reverse starter is available, both standard and fail-safe.
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Siemens - SIRIUS Softstarters - 3RW Softstarter
Our portfolio of SIRIUS softstarters with intelligent functions offers an alternative for almost any application. They ensure that three-phase motors start up smoothly and efficiently and improve the reliability of your application.
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Control Panel Design - TIA Selection Tool

Intuitive and structured work with only one tool

With the new Control Panel Design software in the offline TIA Selection Tool, it is now possible to dimension and realise your entire electrotechnical design. Simple, accurate and fast design for both the European IEC and the North American UL guidelines. At the push of a button you receive the correct switching and protection equipment for your motor or load, including the required cable cross-sections and short-circuit values.


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    22 mrt. 2023
    Siemens Integrated Control Panels
    Want to save time and engineer efficiently? With Siemens solutions, you can easily optimize all aspects of control panel construction.
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    24 feb. 2023
    Siemens Sirius ACT RFID Selector Switch
    Machine and plant availability also depends on the personnel who operate and maintain them. Analyses of user data harbor optimization potential for productivity.
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    25 jan. 2023
    Manage all processes from the comfort of your armchair
    No one can be everywhere at the same time. However, it would be convenient to be able to view and control all processes or even troubleshoot failures from any location. Mitsubishi Electric fulfils this demand perfectly with GOT Mobile.
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    23 jan. 2023
    Mitsubishi's control panels for optimal production processes
    Advances in technology are changing the way almost every industry operates. To remain competitive in the market, manufacturers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest innovations, strategies and systems. The increasing demand for IoT solutions like accessible information at all levels, predictive and preventive maintenance, mobile and cloud solutions, security, seamless integration, plug & play etc. are often expensive and complex.
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