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Discover the versatility of Rittal

From start-up to global player 

Innovation has been in the Rittal's DNA since its founding in 1961. On this page, discover more about the milestones of this family company with roots in Central Hesse, about their vision and about their responsibility to the people of our region. 

Making complex simple 

This is the guiding principle. It is the driving force behind Rittal's developments. From the very beginning. It inspired them for the first standardization of cabinet systems. And it is for now and in the future the core idea behind all their innovations. It can be found everywhere. In countless small cabinet functions, in comprehensive processes of the entire chain for control and panel construction, as well as in global IT solutions. 

Rittal's products offer tangible benefits. They speed up processes, increase your productivity and solve problems. Rittal's enclosure systems are easy and quick to configure. With a modular system, you create solutions tailored exactly to your needs. With smart cooling solutions that consume an average of 75 percent less energy and achieve high CO2 savings, it is possible to anticipate the maintenance and service required. With innovative rack solutions, you can build new IT infrastructures faster than ever - whether this is a single network enclosure or a complete computer room. And this too is unique: they deliver standard items within 24 hours from the time of ordering. It doesn't get any faster.


Product groups

Cabinet Systems
Innovative cabinet and housing technology
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Air Conditioning
Energy-saving and environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions
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Power Distribution
Reliable power distribution and backup
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IT Infrastructures
From server rack to complete computer room
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Knowledge groups

How do you become a leader? Whether for cars, wind turbines, cruise ships or airports, Rittal's solutions can be used in a wide variety of applications.
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Knowledge base
With this knowledge base, we want to give you easy access to our knowledge. Here you will find information about our product approvals, Rittal surface protection, our quality management, EDI, the Rittal EMC concept and our handling guidelines.
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Digitization & Industry 4.0
Higher efficiency and new business models through the intelligent factory
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Stay up to date with the latest news:

  • NEWS
    3 jun. 2024
    Rittal - Blue e+ ventilatoren fans
    As part of the process Rittal is going through to continuously improve its products, new fans have been available since 1 May 2024. These new fans will replace the current ones.
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  • NEWS
    26 apr. 2024
    Rittal - AX & KX in stainless steel versions now available
    Since 1 March 2024, Rittal's product range has been extended to offer AX wall/floor enclosures and compact KX enclosures in stainless steel versions. The sheet steel AX enclosure is widely used as a system cabinet for a wide variety of applications. Rittal is now coming out with a variant of this enclosure.
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  • NEWS
    22 apr. 2024
    Rittal - VR pedestal
    Delve into the world of the VX plinth plinth system - a successor that takes your cabinet arrangement to the next level. More stability, but also flawless installation. Experience the evolution of your workspace today! Rittal strives to constantly refine and improve its products. As part of this process, the VX plinth plinth system has been redesigned this product has been available since 1 March 2024.
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  • NEWS
    30 okt. 2023
    Rittal - Cable glands increase safety even in extreme conditions
    The importance of cable glands is sometimes underestimated. Wrongly so, because in many industries they contribute substantially to the proper functioning of operating equipment. The right cable gland protects any enclosure from quite threatening external influences such as dust and moisture. In extreme conditions such as arctic cold or tropical heat, it is the "heavy duty" cable glands made of nickel-plated brass or stainless steel that make the difference. Even bases, acids and chemicals hold them back. Glands provide safe passage of cables through panels to and from devices. They can insulate cabinets, provide grounding and strain relief, and protect against electromagnetic interference. There are also glands made specifically to withstand severe explosions or to provide sealing under water.
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