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itsme is a family business that pursues sustainability in several ways. We focus on sustainable processes, products and services. In addition, we aspire to sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. We promote this business and personal sustainability by observing a number of core values and following the guidelines of corporate social responsibility (CSR).      

Sustainable processes, products and services

We encourage a sustainable way of doing business, both inside and outside itsme. Together with our partners, we offer our customers 'green' solutions wherever possible. Of great importance in this are the energy efficiency of the products and services offered and contributing to the efficiency of production processes, both ours and those of the customer.

Customers and suppliers

We build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers in which all parties can trust each other. We act in accordance with the law and with general values and guidelines. With all our relationships, we act in an honest and sincere manner. We ensure that the delivered product complies with all applicable environmental, safety and employment legislation.


We achieve sustainable growth with motivated employees. Therefore, we create an inspiring working environment for our employees. Part of this is our commitment to optimum safety. Through a continuous process of evaluation and improvement, personal injury and illness are minimised. In addition, we encourage and motivate employees to continue developing themselves and their environment. At itsme, we reward quality, character and individual skills, regardless of background or culture. 


Dedication, competence and innovation are of paramount importance to us. We also attach great importance to humanity, honesty and independence. We inspire, encourage and put our vision into action.


The business processes of itsme operate in accordance with the management system CSR Performance Ladder level 3. This Performance Ladder is inspired by the ISO 26000 guideline for corporate social responsibility. We continuously evaluate our business processes and, if necessary, make changes to improve them. We also conduct periodic internal audits and commission external audits.

You can read the report (only in Dutch) on our progress on the CSR path here.

On 3 October 2022, our policy resulted in the issue, by Bureau Veritas, of a new certificate according to the CSR Performance Ladder, level 3. It can be downloaded below

If you have any questions about our certification, please contact us at qhse@itsme.eu.

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