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Flat cable, SmartWire-DT, 10 m, 8-Pole, prefabricated with 2 blade ter

  1. EATON SWD4-10LF8-24-2S 586869
SmartWire-DT ribbon cable for connecting SmartWire-DT participants within the control panel, 10 m, 8-Pole, prefabricated with 2 blade terminals SWD4-8MF2
3 jun. 2021
Quicker and smarter
Using plug-and-play I/O modules on your standard components, you can bring I/Os to the components without redesigning the machine control or replacing components. With a single cable and one click, you connect all the I/Os on your normally 'non-intelligent' Eaton components that you now use in your current conventional control. This makes them intelligent without replacing them. Eaton's intelligent 'SmartWire' cabling solution communicates in this way both inside and outside the control cabinet, and also brings energy to the relevant components. This allows you to not only handle the I/O on the components, but also read valuable data from your processes and from the components themselves. As a result, you can easily and quickly update your control system to Industry 4.0. Whether that's today, tomorrow or in a few years.
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