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Touch panel, ir, 24 V DC, 12.1z, TFTcolor, ethernet, RS232, CAN, (PLC)

  1. EATON XV-440-12TSB-1-10 569290

Price on request

User interface, XV400, Product range: XV400 12.1z, Function: HMI-PLC (PLC retrofitted by user), Common features of the model series: Ethernet interface, USB device, RS232, CAN/easyNet, UL508, cUL approvals, PLC function can be fitted by user, Communications scope can be fitted by user with licenses, Display - Type: Color display, TFT, Touch-technology: Infra-red touch, Number of colours: Adjustable: 65536 or 256 colours, Resolution: SVGA, 800x600 Pixel, Portrait format: yes, Screen diagonal: 12.1 Inch, Metal enclosure and front plate, Operating system: Windows CE (license required), CompactFlash card required, PLC-licence: Can be fitted by user with article no. 140390 LIC-PLC-MXP-MEDIUM, License certificates for onboard interfaces: Can be expanded as required, see Accessories -<gt/> License product certificates, built-in interfaces: 1xEthernet 100base-TX/10base-T, 1xRS232, 1xCAN, 2xUSB host, 1xUSB device, Front type: Standard front with standard membrane, Laminated safety glass, non-reflective, Utilization: Flush mounting, Slots: for Compact-FlashTM-Cards: 2, for communication modules: 2, Memory card automation: required, see Accessories -<gt/> Memory cards, Pluggable communication cards (optional): yes, Heat dissipation: 32 W, Degree of protection (IEC/EN 60529, EN50178, VBG 4): IP65 (at front), IP20 (at rear)