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Integrated signal lamp, continuous light 12-230 V UC blue

  1. SIEMENS 8WD5300-1AF 707044
Integrated signal lamp, continuous light, blue, 12-230 V AC/DC, Diameter 70 mm Continuous light element SIRIUS 8WD5 without light source for visual signaling in harsh ambient conditions and in outdoor installations, e.g. for the optical signaling of the operating status in production plants.The integrated signal lamps are extremely resistant to shock and vibrations. Their special shape permits optimum light emission either to the side or upwards.In addition to a continuous light, blinking lights, rotating beacon lights and flashing lights are available in various colors and voltages.Feet, pipes, adapters, incandescent lamps, LEDs and pipe adapters are available as accessories.SIRIUS 8WD signaling columns - for every application. Simple. Flexible. Rugged.