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Soft starter at 400 V, 40 degrees, standard: 551 A, 315 kW, root of 3:

  1. SIEMENS 3RW4453-6BC44 427836
SIRIUS soft starter Values at 400 V, 40 °C standard: 551 A, 315 kW Inside-delta: 954 A, 560 kW 200-460 V AC, 230 V AC Screw terminals !!! Phased-out product !!! Successor is SIRIUS 3RW5, Preferred successor type is <gt/><gt/>3RW5548-6HA14<lt/><lt/> Soft starter SIRIUS 3RW44 for high-feature applications for the soft starting and ramp-down of three-phase asynchronous motors.Soft starting, reduction of current peaks, prevention of supply voltage fluctuations during startup, reduction of load on the power supply network, reduction of mechanical load in the drive, considerable saving of space and wiring compared to star-delta (wye-delta) starters and frequency converters, maintenance-free switching and extremely easy handling. The integrated bypass allows a very compact construction and ensures low heat dissipation in the control cabinet. Intelligent monitoring functions protect the soft starter against overheating and the motor against overload. In addition, you can limit the current during startup to a settable maximum value. Thanks to 3-phase control, particularly suitable for high motor outputs and inside-delta circuits. The innovative torque control ensures ideal motor startup. Integral display for fast commissioning and status displays. Provision of energy data via PROFINET, for example. Worldwide approvals (e.g. IEC and UL/CSA).The 3RW soft starters are available for supply systems up to 690 V in a wide performance range with different control supply voltages and all with both screw and spring-type terminals. For the 3RW30/40 there are additional versions with 24 V control supply voltage. Some of the 3RW40 up to size S3, and all 3RW44 units also offer thermistor motor protection.Optional communication modules allow connection via PROFIBUS and PROFINET. A display and operator module is also available for installation in the control cabinet door.Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.