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RCBO 3-pole+N, 16 A, 0.03 A, B-Char, Type B NK, N right, short-time delayed

  1. DOEPKE DRCBO 4 B16/0,03/3N-B NK 2133879
RCBOs combine residual current and miniature circuit-breakers in a single device (RCBO). They protect people against residual currents and systems against short-circuit and overload. DRCBO 4 haben ein Bemessungsschaltvermögen von 6 kA. Sie bieten neben der Ausgelöst-Anzeige auch ein Beschriftungsfenster. Type B switches are AC-DC sensitive. They protect against pulsating and AC residual currents, residual currents with mixed frequencies and smooth DC residual currents at frequencies up to 150 kHz. Switches with the characteristic curve NK provide classic fire protection of 300 mA at frequencies up to 150 kHz. They are optimised for facilities at risk of fire. Switches with tripping characteristic B are the standard protection for lighting and socket circuits. Standard switches are designed for electric circuits with a rated voltage of 230 V or 400 V and a rated frequency of 50 Hz. Properties: AC/DC sensitive for residual currents with frequencies of 0 Hz (smooth direct current) up to 150 kHz; mains-voltage-independent tripping when type A residual currents occur; compact design for all rated currents; high short-circuit resistance; switch position indicator; separate indication of fault cause; strain-relief clamps with a wide terminal cross-section range on both connection sides; Neutral conductor right; high electromagnetic compatibility (immunity to interference for industrial applications) 6 A - 10 A and 16 A - 32 A VDE certified; Mounting: quick fastening to mounting rail; any installation position; supply preferably from above; Application areas: commercial and industrial installations with TT, TN-S and TN-C-S systems, where power electronics equipment is used without galvanic isolation from the mains, e.g. frequency converters, switching power supplies, high-frequency converters. photovoltaic installations and UPS equipment with frequency converters without transformers; RCBOs with characteristic curve NK should be used where fire protection is legally required.; Hints: suitable for use in 50 Hz AC networks; RCBOs are also available for other frequencies upon request; not designed for use in direct current networks or on the output side of controlled electrical equipment such as frequency converters;