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Residual current circuit-breakers 2-pole, 16 A, 0.30 A, Type A, Twin design, short-time delayed, N arbitrary

  1. DOEPKE DFS2 016-2/0,30-A KV TWIN 2133852
Residual current circuit-breakers (RCCB) switch the power supply off if dangerous high residual currents occur. DFS 2 are two-terminal residual current circuit-breakers for single-phase networks. In the standard design, the compact devices are just two module widths wide. The compact residual current circuit-breakers are available with a number of different types of residual currents and versions at rated currents up to 125 A. The large two-tier terminals can also accommodate large conductor cross-sections. A practical multifunction switch toggle simplifies troubleshooting. They can be provided with pre-prepared labels using free-of-charge software. Type A switches are sensitive to pulsating and alternating currents. This function is independent of the mains voltage. Residual current circuit-breakers in the KV design have a response delay, so are much less sensitive to brief pulsed fault currents. This enables them to increase system availability. They can effectively be used instead of a standard switch, as their protective function is completely retained. The Twin design enables a function test of the residual current circuit-breaker without switching off the load circuit. Two complete RCCBs are combined in this design: If both devices are on, a switch can be tripped using the test button. The second RCCB takes over the current conduction and protective function. Properties: function test for residual current circuit-breaker without interrupting power; residual current protection complies with standard even during testing procedure; no costs during system downtime; high system availability; high immunity against surge currents and mains-voltage-operated secondary current impulses; tripping not dependent on mains and auxiliary voltage; sensitive to AC residual currents and pulsating DC residual currents (type A) compact design for all rated currents; high short-circuit resistance; double-sided two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-section and busbar; switch position indicator; viewing window for labels; multifunction switch toggle with three positions: "on", "off" and "tripped"; also available in the "HD" design; Mounting: quick fastening to mounting rail; any installation position; supply from any direction; Application areas: Power supplies to residential and purpose-built building as well as industrial facilities with TN-S, TT and TN-C-S networks, in which conventional RCCBs trip following transient leakage currents and this is not desired, such as in systems with long cable lengths behind the RCCB, lighting systems with lots of fluorescent lamps (<gt/> 20 lamps). computer systems and solar power systems.; The twin design allows regularly prescribed function tests to be performed without disconnecting the power.; Excluded is the application in TN-C systems and for the protection of installations in which electronic equipment could generate smooth DC currents or residual currents with frequencies other than 50 Hz.; Hints: WES 2 restart interlock mounted at factory;