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Residual current circuit-breakers 4-pole, 16 A, 0.03 A, Type A, Twin design, N left

  1. DOEPKE DFS4 016-4/0,03-A TWIN 2133855
Residual current circuit-breakers (RCCB) switch the power supply off if dangerous high residual currents occur. DFS 4 are two-terminal or two-terminal pair residual current circuit-breakers for single- or three-phase networks. In the standard design, the compact devices are just four module widths wide. The compact residual current circuit-breakers are available with a number of different types of residual currents and versions at rated currents up to 125 A. The large two-tier terminals can also accommodate large conductor cross-sections. A practical multifunction switch toggle simplifies troubleshooting. They can be provided with pre-prepared labels using free-of-charge software. Type A switches are sensitive to pulsating and alternating currents. This function is independent of the mains voltage. The Twin design enables a function test of the residual current circuit-breaker without switching off the load circuit. Two complete RCCBs are combined in this design: If both devices are on, a switch can be tripped using the test button. The second RCCB takes over the current conduction and protective function. Properties: function test for residual current circuit-breaker without interrupting power; residual current protection complies with standard even during testing procedure; no costs during system downtime; high system availability; tripping not dependent on mains and auxiliary voltage; sensitive to AC residual currents and pulsating DC residual currents (type A) compact design for all rated currents; high short-circuit resistance; double-sided two-tier terminals for large conductor cross-section and busbar; switch position indicator; viewing window for labels; multifunction switch toggle with three positions: "on", "off" and "tripped"; also available in the "HD" design; Mounting: quick fastening to mounting rail; any installation position; supply from any direction; Application areas: Power supplies to residential and purpose-built buildings as well as industrial facilities with TN-S, TT and TN-C-S networks. In IT networks. the residual current circuit-breakers of this series can be set to switch off in the event of a second fault.; The twin design allows regularly prescribed function tests to be performed without disconnecting the power.; Excluded is the application in TN-C systems and for the protection of installations in which electronic equipment could generate smooth DC currents or residual currents with frequencies other than 50 Hz.; Hints: WES 2 restart interlock mounted at factory;