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Visualization software Siemens 6AV2105-0MA03-0AA0 6AV21050MA030AA0

  1. SIEMENS 6AV21050MA030AA0 822458

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Visualization software; With OPC-interface; server; With OPC-interface; client; With programming interfaces; Suitable for operating system Windows 7; Runtime operating system; other; Min. required main memory for runtime system 4000 Mbyte; Multi-user capable; runtime; Max. number of servers 1; Max. number of clients 32; Suitable for web-clients; SCADA functionality; Alarm-management; Trend representation; Integrable in the engineering software o.t autom.system; Number of online/runtime languages 6; Language switch possible; Number of configuration-/runtime languages 6; With script language Visual Basic; With other script language; Library with object elements Integrated; User groups (password protection) possible; Min. required processor speed for runtime system 2.2 GHz