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9 Tips towards more Energy Efficiency with Drive Technology

Leverage energy saving potential in all your motor applications quickly.

Energy prices are soaring to unprecedented heights. It is time to review energy saving measures to keep costs in check as much as possible.

Do you know how to pick the low hanging fruits in energy savings? With this 9-point checklist for energy-efficient drives from Danfoss Drives, you can quickly get an overview of energy guzzlers in your facilities and measures to leverage energy efficiency in motor driven equipment by utilizing drive technology. You will learn where you can start working on increasing efficiency, and in doing so, save costs. After all, electric drive technology is a key technology for increased energy efficiency. It is currently the most effective, fast, and easy solution for reducing energy consumption quickly and significantly.

These are the nine points:

1. Speed control matters: Leverage energysaving potential in all your motor applications quickly.

2. Pick the low hanging fruits: Check for fans and pumps in your applications and facilities.

3. Drive technology: how to lift every ounce of energy efficiency in your production by getting your AC drives’ settings right.

4. Get it right from the start and monitor your progress.

5. Do not compromise on system reliability.

6. Is regenerative energy an option?

7. Check drive efficiency: which AC drive is right for you/your application?

8. Take a closer look at motor technologies.

9. Last, but not least important: the 10-30-60 rule.


For practical tips, advice and a comprehensive elaboration of these points, please refer to the white paper compiled by Danfoss.



itsme's support in energy saving

itsme Industrial Automation offers you independent support in increasing energy efficiency. Our Energy Check provides a detailed overview of an installation's energy consumption. In this way, you will discover which measures will enable you to make optimal savings later on. (An Energy Check also helps you save by reducing the reactive power of your installations, for example). Energy efficiency advice is a service that allows you to exploit the efficiency potential of your plant, based on a thorough analysis of all processes, and how they interact. Consider, for example, the reuse of cooling water as a low-cost heat source.

For measures relating to lighting (site lighting, interior lighting and exterior lighting), please seek advice from itsme Lighting Technology.

Want to know more about itsme's energy-saving support?

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Recognised Energy Saving Measures list

The Dutch government promotes efficient energy use partly through a range of measures you can take in this context. The so-called Recognised Energy Saving Measures list (EML) lists energy-saving measures with a payback period of 5 years or less. . The EML can be used to meet the energy saving obligation. More information can be found here.


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