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Siemens S7-300/ET 200M to be phased out by 1 October

The Siemens SIMATIC S7-300-PLC and its ET 200M IO system are nearing the end of their product life cycle. Per 1 October 2023, these proven product families will be phased out. To fully meet new handling and performance requirements, Siemens has developed controllers with improved system features: the S7-1200 and S7-1500, which can be programmed in the TIA Portal software platform.

It is good to start thinking about an effective replacement strategy now. itsme can support you in this. For example, with a FactoryScan. With this, we map out the installed base and make a risk analysis of the components. This reveals the best options to prevent costly production process downtime. Whether it is about creating a local own stock or converting a critical installation, itsme can help you determine the optimal approach.


A switch to the new controllers offers many advantages. For example, the flexible and efficient S7-1200 is easy to expand with specific modules, such as an energy meter and condition monitoring system. It has one system for standard and safety applications and is easily upgradable to the S7-1500. The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller also has a modular design and can be scaled in terms of functionality, allowing you to perfectly adapt set-up and functions to your machine design. TIA Portal allows you to integrate all major components in your automation project: safety, security, HMI, drives, decentralised peripherals and now also Motion Control.

If you want to know exactly how the S7-1200 and S7-1500 differ from the S7-300 (and the S7-400), check out this comprehensive comparison.



If you decide to replace phased-out products, itsme can also assist you. Among other things, we offer support for migration, re-engineering and hardware conversion. Our wide range of Cedeo-accredited training courses facilitates the transition to an up-to-date installation and enables you to make optimal use of the many possibilities offered by TIA Portal. An overview of available S7-1200/1500 training courses can be found here.

For the sake of compatibility, the basic SIMATIC features have been retained. This means that the S7-300/ET 200M system families, which will only be available as spares for the next ten years, can easily be replaced by Siemens' new series.

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