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Wire Processing Center (WPC) 

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process by up to 80%

According to the study “Panel building 4.0“ by the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units of the University of Stuttgart in classic panel building, 72 % of the working time in the installation phase is required for wiring and mechanical assembly.

The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) addresses exactly these issues. Software-controlled, semi-automated cable assembly considerably accelerates production processes and at the same time ensures the highest quality standards. Increase the efficiency of your production process by up to 80%.

Your benefits at a glance

Time savings
The use of automatic machines decreases processing times and thus contributes to a general increase in manufacturing process efficiency .

High flexibility
In the system approach, individual components of the WPC can be removed from the process sequence or they can be used in their individual functions in stand-alone mode

Outstanding quality
Consistently high quality through the use of semi-automated machines.

Weidmüller receives the cabinet building innovation award

A jury of experts awards the Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) .

Together with Zoller & Fröhlich, Weidmüller received an award for its Wire Processing Center (WPC) that is used for semi-automated cable assembly and marking. The most time-consuming activities in cabinet building are still cable assembly, wiring and marking. The Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC) offers an ideal solution for the semi-automation and increases efficiency in cable assembly by up to 80 %. The WPC consists of an automatic cutting machine, an automatic stripping and crimping machine and a thermal transfer printer.


Easy. Flexible. Efficient.

Intelligent user guidance and simple operation 

The various components have a modular set up and communicate with each through the implemented interfaces via the WPC software. The included planning software WPC tool ensures optimal data consistency. In this way CAE data from the planning phase can be easily transferred to the WPC and used for cable assembly. Visualised on the touch screen the software controlled processing of individual wire orders significantly improves process reliability.

Customize and save 

The WPC is characterized by its flexibility. In the system approach individual components can be removed from the process sequence e.g. for subsequent marking, or they can be used in their individual functions in stand alone mode. Even short term changes, which frequently occur in the project business, van be easily integrated. Thanks to intuitive operation and accelerated processing additional production capacity can be made available, thus increasing overall output.

Planning software WPC tool 

With the planning software WPC tool, data can be read and edited in various ways (manual, CSV files, Eplan and E3 files). Transmission to the Wire Processing Center is via the network or a USB stick.

High flexibility with consistently high quality 

The WPC combines proven components into a modular assembly system consisting of cable processing machines and industrial printers. It provides you with utmost flexibility, reliability and an efficiency increase of up to 80%.

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