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Workshop Siemens G110 / G120 frequency converter

Course type

Workshop / Seminar


Workshop Siemens G110 / G120 frequency converter

Target group

Workshop for employees who need to commission or service the SINAMICS G110 / G120 frequency inverters of the SIEMENS brand.


General knowledge of electrical engineering.


In this course, the participants will learn about the design of the SINAMICS G110 / G120 drive system as well as its functions and parameterization. You will learn how to use STARTER commissioning software. During the training, you will configure a frequency converter and perform fault analysis based on error codes.


Basic principles of a frequency converter;
  • Input and output choke
  •  Braking resistors and RFI filters
  • Parameter list of the frequency inverter
  • General settings of the frequency converter
  • Settings on the control panel
  • Settings and status via "Starter" software
  • Setting up a motor / frequency converter configuration
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Error analysis and error codes
  • Bus connection Profibus DP with S7-300 / 400
  • Profibus DP address settings of the drives
  • Practical exercise


1 day

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