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Circular purchasing: also on a technical level 

itsme helps to achieve sustainability goal


Starting point

  • Sustainability is of great importance to Verstegen Spices & Sauces B.V. 
  • Circular purchasing is one of its goals 
  • How do you shape circular purchasing when it comes to technology


Verstegen has laid down its sustainability goals in the Sustainable Values. The goal is for all internal processes to be CO2 neutral by 2020. This is based on three pillars: environment, people and society. Circular purchasing falls under the pillar Environment. Verstegen starts with matters such as the use of second-hand office furniture and re-using office materials for example. Circular purchasing on a technical level has proven to be more challenging. The goal for 2016: successfully complete at least one circular project.


Verstegen will sit down with itsme to determine what concrete measures can be taken to realise this goal for 2016 from a technical point of view. Technical services will also be involved in this process. What became clear: recently the system of one of the production lines was replaced. The old components were kept, but are no longer used. itsme will do some research and arrange for these components to be purchased by a company that will clean, repair and subsequently resell them. Results: Verstegen meets its goal and in addition, this solution is a lucrative one.


  • Verstegen enlists itsme to research the possibilities of circular purchasing on a technical level
  • itsme arranges for components of an old system to be sold, so they can be re-used
  • Verstegen reaches circular purchasing goal 2016

Arjan Feenstra, purchaser for Verstegen: “The fact that the first project was also immediately profitable was an incredible boost for us. After all, in the end sustainability only works when it offers a financial incentive.”

Supplier reduction
Your project must start on time That is easier said than done, especially when you have to chase after the required parts. Often you have to deal with umpteen suppliers. And that’s not even counting all the associated administration and pressure on your goods receipt, warehouse and more. This can be done differently with supplier reduction by itsme.
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At itsme we are particularly fond of system integration. We mean that sincerely, we’re not just saying that. We love the combination of knowledge and technology and enjoy implementing it for our clients. Furthermore there is always a short term result. That’s how some of our clients achieved a 75% cost reduction in their transaction process. We get excited about these success stories. How about you?
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