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ESD Advice

You may also experience this: a very slight shock, after contact with a person or object. In everyday life such an electrostatic discharge, or ESD, can not do any harm. But how different is that in an industrial environment. And more specifically in a room such as a cleanroom, where components can already be irreparably damaged by the lightest transfer.

Your space is ESD-free

Protect your components from damage caused by electrostatic discharge and ask us for advice on a workspace according to ESD standards. After a visit to your location, we describe your needs in a report, discuss your specific situation and list the possible measures for you. Think for example of wristbands or on shoes with grounding. ESD-proof tools, an ESD tile floor or earthing plugs with push button connection.

​​​​​​​Let us advise you

Wondering what an ESD report looks like by itsme? Take a quick look at an example and ask us for advice for an ESD-free workspace. Contact us, we will call you within a working day for a phone conversation with one of our product specialists.

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NEN 3140 assessment
Safety comes first. Whatever happens. Therefore, ask us for an annual inspection according to the NEN 3140 standard, intended for safe working with and at low-voltage installations. With the inspection and certification you meet the safety requirements as applied by the SZW inspection. This provides certainty in terms of your responsibility, and it shows that a working environment should simply be as safe as possible for you.
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Technical workplace consulting
No matter how advanced a machine in your workplace may be, what’s the situation with everything around it? Is there enough light? Do you and your colleagues have everything within reach? And also important: do you have enough protection? The best working environment is one in which every employee has what he or she needs. That is precisely what we offer you with our workplace optimisation services.
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