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Eplan Coupling

Electrical engineers rely on EPLAN. The platform counts as the standard for module and machine builders, mainly thanks to a 
manufacturer-fed product database. This provides engineers with plenty of choice, although the question of how they compile the correct material list within such a huge selection remains. How do they know for sure that what they select will actually be available and remain available?

Always the most recent insight

Go for security, with the coupling of our database to that of EPLAN. You use our solution as an extra menu option in EPLAN, see the itsme article number for each product and confirm whether a product is available. Our coupling also shows what has been previously ordered from us, so you can insert the same details in your EPLAN environment. That prevents extra searches and avoids the constant reloading of heavy packages for every product. 

Shorten your time to market

With the itsme add-on within the EPLAN you have access to all relevant information for every product. You lower the risk of defect costs for the end customer and deliver more security in maintenance and upgrades. And because the engineer doesn’t need to adjust his material list once again, you save time. 

​​​​​​​Ask for a free intake

Want to know more about our add-on within EPLAN? After a free 30-minute phone conversation with one of our experts you will know about the benefits for your organisation. Contact us for an appointment and we will call you within one business day.

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