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Handle coupler for RCBO D=70 mm for mounting

  1. SIEMENS 5ST3805-1 328933
Handle coupler for residual current miniature circuit breaker D=70 mm for mounting additional components (1 set=5 units in poly bag) Additional components for residual current protective devices and miniature circuit breakers from Siemens. The additional components from Siemens are an important part of the SENTRON protection devices for electrical installations. As accessories for residual current and miniature circuit breakers, they offer many options for implementing a wide range of functions. Whether for infrastructure or industrial applications, Siemens offers the right accessories for all residual current and miniature circuit breakers. We provide the right device for every requirement. Key features of the Siemens accessories for residual current and miniature circuit breakers: 1. Can be universally retrofitted with all additional components 2. User-friendly and easy installation and connection technology. 3. Reliable safety during installation with standard touch protection. 4. Optimized technology for your safety – only from Siemens.