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Auxiliary switch 3 NO+1 NC current paths: 1 NC, 1 NO, 1 NO for contactor relays/motor contactors S00/S0

  1. SIEMENS 3RH2911-1HA31 580817
auxiliary switch, on the front, 3 NO + 1 NC, .1/.2, .3/.4, .3/.4, .3/.4, current path: 1 NC, 1 NO, 1 NO, 1 NO screw terminal, for contactors 3RT2 and contactor relays 3RH2 auxiliary switch SIRIUS 3RH29 for the expansion of auxiliary contacts in the control circuit.The front-mounted 3RH29 auxiliary switches can be installed on 3RT2 contactors and 3RH2 contactor relays without the need for tools, regardless of size.The 3RH19/3RH29 auxiliary switches are available as versions for front or lateral mounting, with up to four instantaneous contacts or up to two leading NO and NC contacts. The auxiliary switches can be designed as positively driven contacts in 3RH contactor relays or also as mirror contacts in the case of 3RT power contactors. All of them are available with screw terminal and spring-type terminal.Simple, efficient and always up to date - SIRIUS modular system.