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Holder for 3 modules, plastic

  1. SIEMENS 3SU1500-0AA10-0AA0 1023062
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holder, 3-way, plastic, minimum order quantity 5 or a multiple thereof Holders SIRIUS ACT for securing modular actuators and indicators Standard: 3-slot holders, 4-slot holders only in conjunction with coordinate switches/selector switches with 4 positions.Under the brand name SIRIUS ACT, Siemens offers a unique portfolio of pushbuttons and signaling devices with global product approvals in three modern design lines of rugged genuine metal and high-grade plastic.An innovative snap-on concept makes the task of installing a unit so easy that it can be done with one hand andwithout any special tools. Groove-free holes are adequate as mounting holes since full twist prevention is already integrated.Thanks to the high degree of protection throughout, the rugged devices are suitable for use in industry and outdoors. Even cleaning with a high-pressure jet is possible. Neither dust, oils, nor caustic solutions can interfere with reliable operation.As well as standard wiring, the devices can also be connected to the controller via PROFINET, AS-Interface or IO-Link. Doing so will help you to reduce wiring time and effort, minimize error sources and have more flexibility.The graphical Online Configurator provides convenient support when selecting and ordering individual devices, enclosures and labels. Extensive documentation (e.g. manual, 3D data, terminal diagram) is available.Versions available: Plastic/metal, with/without modules.SIRIUS ACT - Performance in action for control and signalling. Simply mounted, simply strong, simply perfect.
24 feb. 2023
Siemens Sirius ACT RFID Keuzeschakelaar
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