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RCBO, 6 kA, 1P+N, type A, 30 mA, B-char, In: 6 A, Un AC: 230 V

  1. SIEMENS 5SU1356-6KK06 426970
RCBO, 6 kA, 1P+N, type A, 30 mA, B char., In: 6 A, Un AC: 230 V RCBO SENTRON 5SU1 for combined protection against overload, short circuit and residual currentsOur RCBOs are VDE-tested and certified according to EN 61009-1, EN 61009-2-1. With their dual-chamber terminals, it is also very simple to connect conductors with different cross-sections. Further Siemens SENTRON circuit protection devices can be connected quickly and easily with the 5ST3 pin busbars. Via the Data Matrix code on the device, you can gain fast access to all technical data in the Siemens Industry Online Support App.The SENTRON protective switching devices can be expanded by many additional functions with consistent accessories from the modular system.Optimized technology for your safety - only from Siemens.