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SINAMICS Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2), IP55 / UL type 12

  1. SIEMENS 6SL3255-0AA00-4CA1 641312
SINAMICS G120 Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2) Basic operator panel for direct connection to the converter SINAMICS Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2). Local operation, monitoring, commissioning, diagnostics. The menu-based operation and 2-line display of the BOP-2 Basic Operator Panel facilitate local commissioning of SINAMICS G120, G120C, G120P and G120X converters. Simultaneous display of the parameter and parameter value, as well as parameter filtering, means that the drive can be easily commissioned, and in most cases, without a printed parameter list.The BOP-2 is available as an additional option for SINAMICS G120 converters with CU240B/E-2 or CU250S-2 Control Units, SINAMICS G120P converters with CU230P Control Unit, SINAMICS G120X and SINAMICS G120C converters. SINAMICS – simply my drive.